Leo Tiger Quoll Hoop Earrings


Alongside their fellow fire signs, Leos are confident and creative. They’re the royalty of the Zodiac and just like the Tiger Quoll their tenacious tendencies allow them to fight bravely in the face challenges. Despite their fierce appearance, both are typically warm, loyal and calm around those they trust.

Peridot brings calm, quiet and grounding into a fiery Leo’s life.

Charm size: approx. 22mm x 22mm
Materials: 14k Gold-Filled 18mm Hoops, Genuine Peridot

What is gold-filled? This is when a thick layer of real gold has been mechanically bonded over brass. This is a much thicker, more hard wearing layer than gold-plating and can last over a decade with daily wear.

Please note: These are individually handmade making each piece unique. Colour, size and shape may vary slightly from the photos.