Tattoo Ticket


Firstly, THANK YOU! I'm so chuffed to hear you'd like to have my work inked on your glorious skin. This Tattoo Ticket can be purchased as a token of appreciation and respect for my work, if you decide to tattoo any ONE of my existing illustrations on your body, or if you have already done so.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select a price that you feel is appropriate for the design you wish to use.
  2. Purchase the listing. If you need a close-up / high res image, please reference the desired design in the checkout notes.
  3. If requested, I'll email you an image of the design to take to your tattoo artist and also my written permission, granting you the right to replicate the design on your skin.

I'd LOVE to see the end result! Please send me a photo or tag me on Instagram @mollycm

Please note: This is for existing work only and is not valid for custom tattoo designs. You will not receive any physical product from this purchase. This is solely for the purpose of paying your respect and gaining permission to use my work for a personal tattoo. By purchasing this Ticket, you are supporting me to continue making artwork and I appreciate this so much!