Reef Hoop Earrings


Move over Ariel, there's a new mermaid in town! Ultra-light gold-filled hoops with luminous pearls and a baby crab charm? It's a winning trifecta that will bring out your inner mermaid! 

Charm Size: Approx. 25mm x 20mm
Hoop Options: 18mm, 22mm, 27mm
Materials: Gold Mirror Acrylic, Baroque Freshwater Pearls, 14k Gold-Filled 18mm Hoops

What is gold-filled? This is when a thick layer of real gold has been mechanically bonded over brass. This is a much thicker, more hard wearing layer than gold-plating and can last over a decade with daily wear.

Please note: These are individually handmade making each piece unique. Colour, size and shape may vary slightly from the photos.